Minor Project Grant

ESU Minor Project Grant 

Three grants per year, of up to $2,000 each,
for a project that contributes to the appreciation and promotion of the
heritage, culture, identity and fellowship of the English-speaking peoples


Information and Application Form

Closing dates: 31 March, 31 July, 15 December in the year of application


  About the ESU

The English-Speaking Union (Victoria Branch) (the “ESU”) was established in Melbourne in 1919. It is a non-government body, reliant on members, volunteers, supporters and donors to undertake and fund activities. Its mission is to shape the future by promoting the heritage, culture, identity and fellowship of the English-speaking peoples.

The ESU shares the outlook of Winston Churchill, former Chairman of the English-Speaking Union of the British Empire, in his A History of the English-Speaking Peoples (1956-58) in defining the English-speaking peoples as the people of the British Isles and their descendants who settled in countries such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States of America.

As a registered Australian charity, the ESU engages in and supports educational and cultural projects that relate to its mission.

  ESU Minor Project Grant

The ESU invites applications from individuals or organisations for Minor Project Grants to support projects that contribute to the appreciation and promotion of any aspect of the heritage, culture, identity and fellowship of the English-speaking peoples. Preference may be given to projects that are likely to deliver practical benefits.

This award provides up to $2,000 in a single payment following announcement of the recipient.

Three rounds of applications will be assessed during the year, following closing dates of 31 March, 31 July and 15 December . Decisions will normally be advised no later than six weeks after a closing date.

  Conditions of Entry

  1. Entry is free.
  2. Entry is open to individuals who are adult Australian citizens or permanent residents and to organisations with a registered business address in Australia.
  3. The ESU Minor Project Grant Application Form must be completed in full.
  4. Applications for retrospective funding (for expenses that have already been incurred) will be ineligible.
  5. Applications for recurrent funding (e.g. for licence fees for software) are unlikely to be successful, unless the recurrent element forms a minor component of the whole application. 
  6. The ESU may use relevant material provided in the application for media and promotion.
  7. By applying for an ESU Grant, the applicant agrees to participate in media publicity and promotion associated with the Grants, including the use of photos submitted or taken at any Awards presentation ceremony.
  8. Applications for the Minor Project Grant may be lodged in any of three annual rounds. These rounds close on 31 March, 31 July and 15 December in the year of application.
  9. The winner of a Minor Project Grant will be requested to acknowledge the ESU’s support in any publication (print or online) arising from the Project.
  10. The winner of a Minor Project Grant will be invited to provide a report following completion of the project. The format of the report is negotiable. The report may be used by the ESU for public relations and future marketing purposes.
  11. The decisions of the judging panel are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

  Application Guidelines

Applications should follow these guidelines:

  1. A separate written outline, not exceeding one A4 page in length, should detail the proposed project to be undertaken. The outline should explain the nature and duration of the project, its aims and objectives, any methodology or research techniques (if applicable) and the applicant’s capacity to undertake the project. Where relevant, important references to other publications in the field should be cited so the judging panel can relate the importance of the application to the field in general.
  2. Video presentations of no more than three (3) minutes providing a summary of the written application and relevant photographs or pictures are optional but will be accepted.
  3. In all documents provided for this application, please use Arial font no smaller than 11 point.
  4. Please write precisely and concisely.
  5. Organisational applicants should provide a copy of (or a URL for) the organisation’s most recent Annual Report.
  6. Individual applicants should provide a separate written CV that outlines past/present studies, work experience, awards, personal and professional development activities, and career path.
  7. Individual applicants must provide a certified copy of proof of their Australian Citizenship or Permanent Residency status. (See: https://www.justice.vic.gov.au/certifiedcopies for advice on how to obtain certification of original documents.)

To assist individuals and organisations in drafting their applications, we provide HERE a Word version of the Information and Application form. Please note, however, that each application must be submitted using the online form, below.

  Judging and Process

The judging panel is appointed by the ESU Council and reserves the right to decide not to award any Grant in any year or in a specific assessment round.

The Minor Project Grant is for up to two thousand ($2,000) dollars payable by electronic funds transfer.

All applicants will be offered a complimentary twelve (12) month ESU Social Membership.

Click HERE to access the Application Form
for the ESU Minor Project Grant


Receipt of succesfully lodged applications will be automatically acknowledged upon submission. 

All applicants will be notified of the outcome of the selection process with the winner/s featured on the ESU website.

Winner/s will be invited to attend a presentation ceremony at a date to be confirmed.

Completed applications and supporting documents must be received by the ESU
no later than 31 March or 31 July or 15 December
in the year of application.

It is acknowledged that in administering the Minor Project Grant, the English-Speaking Union (Victoria Branch) will need to collect personal information from the applicant. The ESU is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of individuals. Click HERE to read the ESU Privacy Policy.

Please note that our preferred method of correspondence is by email to awards@esuvic.org.au