ESU Victoria appoints new Executive Director

Portrait of Andrew Martin







The English-Speaking Union (Victoria Branch) welcomes Andrew Martin as our new Executive Director.

Andrew has broad experience as a business collaborator who is a builder of consensus. He has previous experience in managing not-for-profit charities and has worked successfully as an advocate on behalf of local governments in Victoria and New South Wales. Andrew has also worked internationally for many years in the transport and logistics field and has lived in Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, India and New Zealand. Andrew says: 'I have two brilliant sons and both have successful careers. My oldest (27) is an aviation expert based in Belgium and my youngest (24) is a lawyer and lives with me'.

Robert Furlan, President of the ESU, says: 'The Council and I congratulate Andrew on his appointment. He will bring a sharp focus to furthering the relevance of the ESU. He has broad experience in business and management, and brings a wide range of professional skills to our organisation. The ESU looks forward to the contributions that he will make to the implementation of our strategic plan. We wish him all the best as he settles in to his important role. We look forward to welcoming him to ESU House when the current lockdown ends and the Work-from-home rules are lifted.'

    This page was posted on 8 September 2021.