Public Speaking Program

Home Educators and School Students

This course has been developed by the English Speaking Union Victoria Branch in partnership with the Home Education Network to provide a high quality public speaking education option for home educated students. We have developed the course to address an area of need for the home education community; however, the course is open to all students of secondary school age, regardless of background.

The course is suitable for any student of secondary school age with the maturity and desire to gain important skills in speaking and presenting.

About the Course:

Students undertaking this course will gain skill and confidence in all aspects of the art of speaking in public. Speaking in public is an important skill: it embraces situations such as a formal presentation to a large audience; impromptu presentations at and interviews meetings; acting and performing; and entertaining the extended family at Christmas.

While the range of situations in which one is required to speak vary, there is a core set of skills that equip people for success as a speaker. During the course, students will acquire skills in the following areas:

  • Use of voice, tone and pacing;
  • Body language and physical aspects of presentation;
  • Preparation for speaking; use of notes and speaking points;
  • Building audience rapport and rhetorical devices;
  • Calibration of audience;
  • Use of logic in argument;
  • Logical flaws in argument (And how to use them to your advantage!).
  • Students will also gain valuable practice and instruction in correct use of grammar and structuring arguments, which will carry over to their study of literature and writing.

How will the workshops run?

The workshops will be active and interactive.

  • Students will learn through practise; they will learn the skills by applying them in a safe and supportive environment.
  • They will also watch and listen to speakers and speeches that demonstrate the skills being taught.
  • There will be prepared notes on each topic, which they can keep and annotate to consolidate learning.
  • Some student presentations during the workshops will be recorded (Only when the student is comfortable with this happening) for feedback and deconstruction.
  • Students can record their own presentations during class, for their own reference

The English Speaking Union (Victoria Branch):

The English Speaking Union promotes education and cultural events for the benefit of the English speaking peoples of the World. The ESU Victoria Branch is a registered charity that has a particular focus on education and a long history of promoting public speaking.

The Presenter:

Vince Perri has over 35 years’ experience in education. He is a teacher of English and Drama and has taught at all levels, including extensive VCE experience: a perfect combination of skills to present a course on Public Speaking and Rhetoric.

He has experience in senior school leadership and, more recently, has focused his efforts on student welfare and pastoral care. His empathy and understanding of the different ways students can learn make him ideally suited to work with home educated students.

More Information:

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